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Frequently asked questions

What is the delivery time of my 3D figurine

The delivery time is 2 weeks. You have to imagine that your Bobble is printed on a full color 3D printer from 3D Systems. These are printers worth more than $70,000. That's why we always collect a number of Bobbles before turning it on. This is the only way we can keep the price so low. But .. I get that you can't wait. It's so much fun.

What does a 3D doll from The Bobbleshop cost

Bobbles come in 3 sizes; 6, 7 and 10 cm. Prices are variable and dependent on circumstances such as location, duration and effort. There is a Bobble for every fair with a starting price of around 20 euros. While making your Bobble you will see the price in the display. The price sometimes also depends on the chosen Bobble (the model). With a 3D print of yourself via The BobbleShop you get 'a lot of head for your money :)'

Can I also book you during an event?

Naturally. The BobbleShop is quite mobile. So you can book it for events such as fairs, trade fairs, company parties or festivals. Traffic jam in front of the scan booth and lots of cheerfulness. Everyone wants to experience this. You just book us by the hour just like a cartoon artist. You can then give many people a cool experience and beautiful paper photos of the result on the fly.

Can you also make a 3D doll from 1 photo?

YES, you can! With our OnePhote app. You then have to take a photo yourself against a neutral background with neutral lighting. Our app then turns 1 photo into a 3D visualization. This one looks really good from the front. And profil will of course have to model our software on the basis of averages. If you have a real hook nose, this will of course not look so nice in 3D with the OnePhote app :)